When you contract China Bear Removals to pack your belongings, you can be confident it will be done correctly. We carry an extensive range of packaging materials & cardboard boxes in Sydney Our staff are trained and experienced in techniques that ensure all items are packed to minimise the risk of breakage.

If you decide to do some of the packing yourself, decide what will be packed professionally and what you can do yourself.

We recommend that you leave breakable items to the experts.

In either case you will need to use appropriate cartons and wrapping. We can supply the materials you will need.

Due to time constraints packing may need to be done before the moving day. Some planning and preparation will ensure that those things you need are not pre-packed. Loading packed cartons the day before clears the residence of clutter and reduces the amount of work needed on moving day. Loaded trucks are safely parked in our secure depot overnight.

Should I pack my self?
Using China Bear’s packing service will spare you a lot of time and stress and your goods will be packed to a professional standard. Generally insurers will not cover goods for packing risks unless packed by a professional.
Of course the more you do yourself the less you will have to pay for. We are very flexible and are happy to fit in with your needs and budget. However don’t underestimate the skills, time and effort required. Start well in advance, you will then be able to book assistance from China Bear should the task prove overwhelming.

Bear in mind that some things like books, clothing and linen are relatively easy to pack. However glassware, china and ornaments can be very time consuming and require considerable skill. Even relatively easy packing like books can be physically demanding (A packed book carton can weigh 35 kilograms).

Use only suitable cartons and materials such as provided by China Bear. The specialized cartons used by China Bear are of different sizes that fit evenly together for strength and support when stacked. Heavy items e.g. books, wine and canned food are packed in the smaller cartons (a book carton can weigh 20-35kg). Breakables are generally packed in the larger standard cartons as a lot of space is taken up by cushioning material. Framed prints are wrapped in bubble wrap and paintings in craft wrap. Our Removalsts take extreme care when handling your goods, however cartons should well enough packed to survive minor accidents and mishaps.

What about unpacking?
China Bear is very happy to unpack cartons as well, and this again, can save you a lot of time and effort. Certainly there will be a certain amount of unpacking that will need to be done urgently so you can be comfortable in your new home. However your new residence will probably not be identical to the previous one. Cupboards and storage will be different. Your instructions and involvement will be required to ensure articles are placed correctly. Once your furniture has been placed in position and the cartons stacked in the correct areas the hard work is largely over. Unpacking can be done at a more leisurely pace. You may need some time to decide where articles should be placed. Many of our clients have found that booking China Bear to do a partial unpack on an hourly rate works well for them.

Disposal of packaging material
Used cartons and wrapping can be a nuisance to deal with after a move. China Bear has an environmentally responsible policy of keeping our packaging out of landfill. We will reuse or recycle packaging material wherever possible. When you are unpacked simply phone us to arrange a pickup of materials. You will need to ensure that cartons are emptied, flattened, grouped in sizes and stacked out of the weather.

Hint: When unwrapping articles wrapped in butchers’ paper, flatten the paper. This reduces the chance of throwing things out with crushed paper. It is less work than crushing up the wrapping again. The paper can be reused and takes up much less space. Don’t bother to flatten crushed paper used as cushioning. It should be squashed into as few cartons or cardboard boxes in Sydney possible to facilitate handling.


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