Using suitable packaging boxes in Sydney like cartons, plastic covers, packaging tape and wrapping paper will ensure your goods can be moved safely and efficiently.

  • Standard Cartons – large cartons used for crockery, glassware, folding clothes & linen.
  • Book/Crystal Cartons – smaller cartons for heavy items such as books, wine and foodstuffs,also useful for fragile articles like crystal glasses.
  • Portarobe Cartons – portable wardrobes for hanging clothes, also usefull for oversize items. We recommend that Portarobes are brought and retrieved on moving day.
  • Plastic Covers – protect soft furnishings from soiling. China Bear uses robust heavy duty plastic bags that can protect soft furnishings even when negotiating tight and awkward access. Specialised plastic covers can be supplied in various sizes to protect mattresses, ensemble bases, sofas and cushions. (Cheap, lightweight plastic covers are designed as storage dust covers and do not provide adequate protection in transit.)
  • Tissue Paper – may be necessary for silverware (especialy if being stored) or for fine porcelain.
  • Bubble-wrap – protects quality frames and glazed pictures, also used for larger or paticularly fragile items.
  • Kraft-wrap – bubble-wrap with an extra layer of brown paper, used for oil paintings. Kraft-wrap can also be used, as an alternative to Removal Pads, to wrap furniture for transport. This is called “International Wrapping” because it is often used for international shipments.
  • Packaging Tape – to seal cartons and plastic packages, (One roll will usually do ~ 30 cartons).
  • Wrapping Paper – to protect china and crockery.

Free Carton Delivery & Retrieval
If you are keen to start packing we can deliver cartons to you on request and without delivery fee. After your move we will retrieve flattened reusable cartons and flattened wrapping paper.

To protect the environment China Bear recycles cartons where possible. All cartons supplied are clean and sound. Soiled or damaged cartons unsuitable for re-use are sent to cardboard recyclers. (If you require unused cartons please feel free to request them.)

Unsure of how many cartons you will need?
Simply order extra cartons, unused materials returned to our movers on commencement of your move will not be charged.

Credit Cards – We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Amex.


So when looking for packaging boxes in Sydney or any other packaging needs contact China Bear today!