Hiring Movers In Sydney

Hiring movers in Sydney and what to look for.

Personality. That’s what we look for when we’re hiring new movers in Sydney.

Personality and customer care. That’s realistically all it is. They’re the guy who spends the most time with the customer. Over 6-12 hours they’ll be loading the truck, looking for parking, unloading the truck, carrying things upstairs, dealing with the cat that won’t get off the couch – all that sort of stuff. It’s all about the way they make that happen as they become part of the customer’s life for that day.

Customers don’t remember the company, to an extent, but they’ll always remember the removalist. If you’re ever at a barbecue, you’ll know that. People will say, “We had a fantastic mover.” You’ll ask who the company was, and they can’t remember – “but the guy’s name was John”.  They’ll talk about the company if it went wrong, but they’ll talk about the guy if it went right!

China Bear Removalists - Sydney RemovalistThe customer knows their stuff from A-Z. They’re convinced they know how to move it, and how to fit it through a door, and how many boxes it’ll take to pack everything up. Some customers are over the top, some are down and out because they’ve been chucked out of the house – and you need someone who can relate to everyone in those circumstances.

Relocating is one of the most stressful things we do, when hiring new movers in Sydney you want to employ removalists who never has a bad day. Doesn’t matter if it’s pumping down rain, or stinking hot and sweat’s pouring out of them. The customer’s always going to be saying, “Don’t do this because my stuff will get wet” or “Don’t do that or you’ll get sweat on my couch.” It’s how the guy manages those kinds of situations that makes a difference.

He’s also got to have a bit of an eye for distance, judgement and how things are going to fit in the truck. Obviously you don’t put the book boxes on top of the antique table in the back of the truck – you need to have some common sense around that sort of stuff.

In the end, when hiring movers in Sydney you want someone who can put the customer at ease. That’s the main thing.

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