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For men especially, it can feel a bit weird to pay someone to do labour it feels like you should be able to do yourself. We’ve all helped a mate move a couch or fridge, so it’s easy to feel like you’re slacking off when professional removalists are doing all the heavy lifting and you’re […]

Hiring Movers In Sydney

Hiring movers in Sydney and what to look for. Personality. That’s what we look for when we’re hiring new movers in Sydney. Personality and customer care. That’s realistically all it is. They’re the guy who spends the most time with the customer. Over 6-12 hours they’ll be loading the truck, looking for parking, unloading the […]

China Bear Fine Arts Removals & Storage Crates in Sydney

china-bear-fine art-crates

A little more about our fine arts removals & storage crates offered in Sydney Something must be in the air, because we’re doing a lot of crating at the moment. You’ve probably never thought about the planning and effort that goes into moving priceless antiques, fine artworks, chandeliers and grandfather clocks, but they need more […]


The other day we heard an interesting story from a bloke, that says a lot about doing your research and making sure you get what you pay for. This guy has a waterfront property that got flooded; a water main burst and he had to get all the furniture out so they could fix up […]