China Bear’s offices and storage facility is located approximately 12 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD at 9-13 Underwood Avenue Botany.

Close access to Southern Cross drive, General Holmes Drive and the M5-East Freeway provide fast access to the metropolitan road network.

A “back to base” movement sensor, video surveillance, and fire extinguishers are installed with security patrol response. Stored furniture is wrapped in felt and where appropriate plastic covered. All items are carefully labelled and inventoried and stowed in sealed modular containers of approximately 8 cubic metre capacity.

Air-conditioned, carpeted mezzanines are utilised for soft furnishings and artwork. Open stack areas and pallet racks complement the modular system for those items unsuitable for containerisation.

Storage is invoiced and payable monthly in advance. Storage is charged per calendar month and is payable in advance.

Advantages of China Bear’s Storage system over Self Storage:
When you use a self storage facility you rent an area in which you store your own goods.

It is your responsibility to ensure that these goods are properly stowed and adequately protected against damage and deterioration. Self storage facilities offer flexible hours of access and you provide your own key to your lockup, but if you plan to access your storage, you will need to allow for the cost of extra area to de-stow to and the cost of getting labour on site. Unless you are prepared to pay a premium price your storage unit may be situated a long way from loading facilities increasing handling risks and expense.

When you use China Bear’s storage we are responsible for the care of your goods. We therefore do much more than provide an empty room. Included in our storage charges we provide all protective covers and carefully stow storage in sealed crates (Storage Modules). We also have dedicated areas for soft furnishings, appliances, marble and glass.

Storage Modules have many advantages. Modules can be moved close to the vehicle to minimize handling risks and cost when loading in or out of store. Modules provide additional protection against dust, water penetration, temperature variation, loss and pilferage.

China Bear can arrange access to your storage and has labour on site to assist you. We charge a de-stow fee to bring your storage forward to the loading area and an hourly rate for any labour you require.

Using China Bear’s storage is both flexible and economic because you do not pay for unused area. You only pay for the volume taken up by your stored goods for the time they are in store. Goods can be taken out or added and the charges are adjusted accordingly.